Thursday, June 27, 2013

Blurred Lines: 3 Screens. Seamless Transitions

for a full size preview click here

I've been meaning to try a seamless panorama for a while now. This was the result...


MultiPicture Live Wallpaper
Nova Launcher Prime
Power Toggles
Tubular Icon Pack
Roboto Thin font by Christian Robertson
ZIP folder with resources.

Before you Start:

Before you get started with your phone, you have the ability to change the wallpaper. The picture you choose should be at least 2160x1280 with most of it in sharp focus (yields a better result when the lines are blurred).


  • Replace my watery orange with your own image.
  • Use the magic wand to select the blue lines in the topmost layer (either style of lines)
  • Select the first layer, add an 11 pixel Gaussian blur
  • Run a white brush over it at 10% opacity to make it pop.
  • Now break up the whole thing into three 720x1280 images (left, middle and right) and save each as a separate PNG

Now that you've got all of your resources, it's time to assemble it.

MultiPicture Live Wallpaper:

  • Set three wallpapers on 3 seperate screens
  • Set transitions to slide

Nova Launcher:

  • Like always, no margins, dock, or notification bar
  • Set grid to 11x5
  • Icon size is set to 130%


The UZIPs for the clock and day are in the folder, If you want to design your own widgets with different info, the font is Roboto Thin and the angle is -39 degrees. Place the 4x4 widgets. There are no hotspots because I couldn't angle them and I didn't want to have a huge chuck of the screen constantly opening my clock and calendar.

Everything Else: really up to you. I chose to use these icons because I just got done making them and I'm really pumped about them. The center screen has five common apps. The left and right screens have folders for media, social, games, and tools/settings. in the outside bars, I used Power Toggles to easily turn on my wifi and bluetooth, as well as control my music. Figure out what you need; these are just some of your options but any 1x1 widget or icon should work.

The real beauty lies within the wallpaper, the rest is pretty flexible.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Big Red v.2.0

for full size preview click here

I've got to find all of the original files for Big Red v.1.0 but in the meantime here is Big Red v.2.0. This theme is completely done with Nova Launcher and UCCW and with the broad categories, you may not even have to edit anything. However, if you do want to change some things up, the PNGs are included with the ZIP folder. There are no PSDs this time but to make adjustments, use to spot healer to remove the names, Roboto thin to replace them, and the arrows all fall on the grid lines so Snap to grid and use the pen tool to make selestions of the picture to remove.


Nova Launcher:

  • Set your grid to 9x16
  • Change your color theme to #cd4f42
  • Change icon theme to Shapely White
  • Change icon size to 85%
  • Set wallpaper (included in ZIP folder)


Set UZIPs from resources folder and resize
  • Folder Icons are 3x6 or 6x3. Pictures are hotspots to certain apps, menu dots don't do anything (yet).
  • Center console is 9x4 with hotspots on notifications, time and date open their respective apps.

Back to Nova Launcher:

Now, start a second screen and add all of the icons that you regularly use to this screen. Drag them on top of each other to create folders of apps relating to each of the categories that you have. Drag these folders onto the menu dots and change the folder's icon to the blank PNG to make it invisible. (Move it into position before making it transparent).

Widget Locker:

Open Widget Locker, add Center console UZIP, I don't remember what the name of the slider is but it's one that comes with Widget Locker so you shouldn't have to hunt for it.

Nothing too difficult. You should definitely be able to handle this.

GreenScreen: Flat and Bright

for a full size preview click here

This theme was inspired by the new UI of Dolphin Browser using the Roboto font family, Dolphin's #389d00 green, some random images I found on Tumblr and googled for high res versions, and my Shapely White icons.


Clear Widgets UberMusic Skin

Setting it up:

First and foremost, The ZIP file includes a bunch of resources. If you like the way this theme is set up then you can use the UZIPs and PNGs. I've also included PSDs in case you want to make some adjustments to the links or pictures. The pictures were found on Tumblr and googled for high-res versions. The icons are based on my Shapely White Icons, but there are plenty of other flat icon packs that you could use.

Nova Launcher:

Set your grid to 9x16 and turn the animations to Cube. I can't remember the speed but it needs to be slow so that it matches the speed of the MPLW transition. Also, set up 5 screens.

MultiPicture Live Wallpaper:

Set each of your 5 screens to use your PNGs, Change the animation to Cube Out.

Back to Nova:

This part sucks. Now we have to set up our tabs. Long tap to bring up the insert menu, choose Nova Actions, and select jump to page x. You need four for each tab, and 4 of the tabs need to be done for each page. After five pages, this amounts to 80 icons.
After they're in place, now long tap each icon, select edit, tap the icon, and change it to the blank PNG included in the ZIP file.
Again, this process sucks but it makes the tabs functional, not just for decoration. It also means your finger doesn't have to travel as far to get between the 5 screens.

Desktop Visualizer:

With Desktop Visualizer, Place and resize widgets to 7x2. Place them over the individual options.Now tap the widget to select the blank PNG to display and select the app it opens. Check out all of your options in desktop visualizer. Soundhound actually has an ID Now option that allows the link to open up the app listening for the song so you can capture that song even faster. Other apps may have similar functions with Desktop Visualizer.

Other Widgets:

Other widgets layered on top:
  • 4x2 UCCW time on each page
  • 4x2 UCCW Date on each page
  • 7x2 UCCW Notifications on first home screen
  • 4x2 Clear Widgets Ubermusic Skin resized to 7x3 on Music page

A little complicated but well worth it in the end. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Rhoda: A new theme with a 70's color palette

for full size preview click here


SiMi Folder
Cubano typeface by Chandler Van De Water
Mission Script typeface by James T. Edmondson
ZIP folder with Resources

Setting it up:

The zip folder includes UZIPS of UCCW widgets, and PNGs for the SIMI folder tiles. It also includes some blank tiles so you can create your own in Photoshop. To make mine, I just added some of the icons from my Shapely White Icons, but you can use anything that works best for you

Nova Launcher:

The grid is set to 9x16, no margins, no taskbar, no dock.Just one screen is needed and the wallpaper is included in the resources folder.

SiMi Folder Widget:

First thing is first, you have to set up your App Folders. Once you open the app, it should be simple enough to understand. Pretty much all of the settings are up to you except for a couple of things under "Widget Settings".
  • Under Icon, select the correct Tile from the resources folder
  • Under Widget Layout, select the left column 4th down (no label, no background, not distorted)
The way the launcher displays and the apps in the folder are up to you.

Place the Simi Folder widgets and Resize all of them to 3x3


Place and resize all the UCCW Widgets.
  • Time Hour: 3x3
  • Time Minute: 3x3
  • Day of the Week: 9x4
  • Notifications: 9x3 (remember to set your gmail account)
That's all there is to it. It's a fairly simple theme. Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Inaugural Post

I'm going to try a little experiment. I spend a lot of time themeing my phone. I also spend a lot of time explaining how I do it to other people. Instead of answering questions across multiple communities across the internet, I thought I'd have a convenient place to post all of my tutorials. I hope you get as much fun out of reading this site as I'll have making it.