Friday, August 30, 2013

Panoramic: No background, no problems

Ok, so posts on this blog have slowed because of the job that pays me, but to get back into the swing of things, I’ve got something big planned for this weekend. Since everyone is home this weekend and will have plenty of time to play around with their phones, I'm going to do something new every day this long weekend. New themes today through Sunday, and on Monday there will be a surprise for you guys for checking back regularly. So, without further ado, let’s get to the first theme of the weekend…

For a full size preview, click here


Nova Launcher
Resources ZIP folder

Nova Launcher:

As you can see, this theme is pretty straight forward. Nova’s settings are:

  • Grid: 4Cx5R
  • Width Margin: None
  • Height Margin: None
  • Transistion: Wipe

Make three pages: two for your UCCW widgets, and one to create your folders on. Creating your folders (if you haven’t already done so) will probably take the longest so knock this out first.


The UCCW widgets serve two purposes. They are pretty to look at, and they are one giant hotspot for the most common app in that category. Before you place these widgets, open them up for editing and change the hotspots for what you need. My hotspots are as follows:

  • Phone: stock Phone app
  • Social: Falcon Pro (Twitter client)
  • Internet: Dolphin Browser
  • Photo: stock Camera app
  • News: NY Times app
  • Productivity: Google Keep
  • Travel: Google Maps
  • Music: This isn’t an app hotspot but an action which automatically starts listening with Soundhound.

Place your 4x1 widgets on your two empty screens.

Back to Nova Launcher:

Now, drag your folders onto dots on the right sides and delete the extra page. Long press to bring up the folders menu. Click the icon’s picture and change it to the blank PNG included in the ZIP folder. Here’s what mine looks like open:

The icons will be the same as you set in Nova, and it’s really up to you what works best. I wasn’t looking for something that matched the theme. I chose to use my Lumen Icons at 130% because of the high visibility. I’m including this info because when people think of themes, the first place that their mind goes to is, “what icons should I use?” If you have a set that’s working for you, stick with what you’re already using. Icons are useless if you don’t recognize them, and since these are tucked away all nice and neat, that’s your call.

That's it for this one. Drop a comment if you have any problems, and be sure to check back frequently this weekend.


Someone has requested the PNGs without the folder dots so I've provided those here. To use them, Open the UZIPs in UCCW for editing. Change the background image to the new PNGs. It is as simple as that.


  1. Got it all setup, but I am a little lost on how to drag the folders to the 3 dots, is there something special I need to do in Nova?

  2. Under Nova Settings>Desktop>Advanced make sure the Widget Overlap box is checked. This should allow you to layer things on top of each other

  3. I got that, but I get lost where you say "Now, drag your folders onto dots on the right sides and delete the extra page." I think I need to add the blank white page you included in your resources download. But I am at a loss on how to do this. Everything works/looks great except when I try to drag a folder (called NEWS) over the 3 dots on the NEWS area.