Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Free Icons!

Ok, so I know I promised you something big on Monday, and I meant to get it out in time, but that did not happen. I spent a good 16 hours yesterday working on my icon set and trying to make it compatiple with Go Launcher and Lightning Launcher. That also did not happen. The reason I spent so much time trying to get those packs perfect is because of this post. I've created free versions of all five of my icon sets!

These "lite" versions include 80 icons of the most popular icons and useful generics. Not only are they available on the Play Store, but I'm also making the PNGs available for download on deviantART. The Shapely Black and White icons can be very useful for creating your own elements in themes.

I've also been working on some new pictures for the Play Store listings so you'll be able to get a good look them all. Without further ado, the icons:

Enjoy! I look forward to seeing these in use.

Sunday, September 1, 2013


for a full size preview click here

Another pretty straightforward one today. I know that a lot of my themes do away with the wallpaper altogether to make room for some new way to interact with your phone. I know that a lot of people want to show off their puppy, or their girlfriend, or the girl they could never get in a million years, so here is a theme that lets you use the wallpaper that you want.


Nova Launcher
Shapely White Icons
Resources Folder

Nova Launcher:

Ok, there are two facets to this theme for Nova Launcher. The first is the desktop; the second is the app drawer. Let me just start by says that for all of the elements in this theme, the transparent black is a true black and set to 67% and the white is a true white at 60% opacity which is always sitting on top of that black. This is kind of important in a little bit.

First, set the desktop grid to 9Cx16R. Remember, to do this, you need to go into the labs menu (see the sidebar) and enable big grid sizes. Turn of the width and height margins, and make sure you have widget overlap on.

Second, go into the drawer settings and change the background transparency to about the same as the UCCW widgets. Since you don’t see the percentage, just a slider, move the slider about 1/3 of the way up. Next, set the drawer up however you want. I have my drawer set to 5 rows by 4 columns and scrolling vertically. No pages, just one long scroll.

Finally, go into the Look and Feel settings. Change your icon theme to Shapely White, and your icon size to 70%. The scale is important because the grid cuts the screen into 80x80 pixel boxes which will chop off those icons and make them look wonky. Lastly, find a color that you like from your wallpaper and set that as your color theme. It doesn’t pop up that often but it’s a nice subtle difference.


After you’ve set up your Nova settings, all you have to do is drop the resources in place. The top and Bottom UZIPs get resized to 5x3, the center stripe gets resized to 9x10. Then drop the icons onto the bottom UCCW widget. After you drop the icons, you will have to manually change the app drawer to the Shapely Whites icon.

If you want to change or add any of the information to the UCCW widgets, remember to set the angle to -27°, white, and change the alpha to 60%.

That’s it for today. Hope you’ve enjoyed the weekend of themes, and remember to check back tomorrow for a surprise. It’s a thank you of sorts for indulging me in my nerdy obsession.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Grey: one screen for all your needs

for a full size preview, click here


Nova Launcher:

Pretty straight forward. No Overlapping or anything.
  • Grid Size: 8Rx6C
  • Icon Theme: Shapely Icons
  • Icon Size: 100%

Power Toggles:

Place a Power Toggles widget and go in to edit it. Remove all of the standard buttons and add your media controls. Turn the Background Fill transparency down to 0%. Change the Button Dividers to hidden. Change the Button Color to FF787878.


Place the UZIPs, and resize them
  • Time Bar - 6x1
  • Notifications - 2x4
  • Weather - 3x4
That's all there is. Enjoy

Friday, August 30, 2013

Panoramic: No background, no problems

Ok, so posts on this blog have slowed because of the job that pays me, but to get back into the swing of things, I’ve got something big planned for this weekend. Since everyone is home this weekend and will have plenty of time to play around with their phones, I'm going to do something new every day this long weekend. New themes today through Sunday, and on Monday there will be a surprise for you guys for checking back regularly. So, without further ado, let’s get to the first theme of the weekend…

For a full size preview, click here


Nova Launcher
Resources ZIP folder

Nova Launcher:

As you can see, this theme is pretty straight forward. Nova’s settings are:

  • Grid: 4Cx5R
  • Width Margin: None
  • Height Margin: None
  • Transistion: Wipe

Make three pages: two for your UCCW widgets, and one to create your folders on. Creating your folders (if you haven’t already done so) will probably take the longest so knock this out first.


The UCCW widgets serve two purposes. They are pretty to look at, and they are one giant hotspot for the most common app in that category. Before you place these widgets, open them up for editing and change the hotspots for what you need. My hotspots are as follows:

  • Phone: stock Phone app
  • Social: Falcon Pro (Twitter client)
  • Internet: Dolphin Browser
  • Photo: stock Camera app
  • News: NY Times app
  • Productivity: Google Keep
  • Travel: Google Maps
  • Music: This isn’t an app hotspot but an action which automatically starts listening with Soundhound.

Place your 4x1 widgets on your two empty screens.

Back to Nova Launcher:

Now, drag your folders onto dots on the right sides and delete the extra page. Long press to bring up the folders menu. Click the icon’s picture and change it to the blank PNG included in the ZIP folder. Here’s what mine looks like open:

The icons will be the same as you set in Nova, and it’s really up to you what works best. I wasn’t looking for something that matched the theme. I chose to use my Lumen Icons at 130% because of the high visibility. I’m including this info because when people think of themes, the first place that their mind goes to is, “what icons should I use?” If you have a set that’s working for you, stick with what you’re already using. Icons are useless if you don’t recognize them, and since these are tucked away all nice and neat, that’s your call.

That's it for this one. Drop a comment if you have any problems, and be sure to check back frequently this weekend.


Someone has requested the PNGs without the folder dots so I've provided those here. To use them, Open the UZIPs in UCCW for editing. Change the background image to the new PNGs. It is as simple as that.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Red Rover: Lock and Home Screen Replacements

for a full size preview, click here

I know, I know, I know. It’s been two weeks since I’ve posted but with my summer classes coming to a close, I had a metric buttload of papers to grade. Just so you don’t think I’ve been holding out on you guys, this is what I’ve been using for these last couple weeks:

See, nothing special. Anyways, when tackling this week’s theme, I wanted to address something that I usually ignore—the lock screen. Now, the lock screen that I’ve been using was just the center console from BigRed v.2.0 using the green color from the Greenscreen on a solid black background, with a white Jellybean Circle lock. It looks great with the Greenscreen theme but I haven’t used it in a while so the change was overdue. This lockscreen has everything I need without having to unlock the phone. It has the information I use regularly like the time, day, weather, and notifications. It also has music controls since I recently installed a new cd player in my car with auxiliary input. That’s enough backstory, let’s get down to business.


Widget Locker:

Okay, the widgets on the lock screen are pretty straight forward.
Change the settings to:
  • Check alternative wallpaper and select wallpaper included in resources folder
  • Background tint: none
  • Layout: 9 Rows, 6 Columns
  • Hide Notification Bar

After that, just place your widgets:
  • 2x2 UCCW time in the top corner
  • 6x3 UCCW notifications below slider
  • For Power Toggles place the 6x1 widget and click on it to adjust what you want included, I only used the music buttons but Power Toggles does so much more. Change the button color to #e11f1f and the background and dividers to transparent.
  • You’ll find the slider in the resources folder, place it in phone>data>com.teslacoilsw.widgetlocker>themes. You may need to wait a minute or restart your phone for it to register. Place the 1x6 slider dead center.

Nova Launcher:

  • The grid is 9 rows x 6 columns, just like widget locker
  • The width margin is none like always but the height margin is medium
  •  Color Theme is #e11f1f
  • Icon size is 100%
  • Set the transition to Wipe. This makes it look like only the bottom is changing.


The icons you see are Shapely Black, however In the drawer they don’t show up so set your Icon theme to something else and set the desktop icons manually.

MultiPicture Live Wallpaper:

Just like other themes I’ve posted, set the screens individually and set the transition to wipe.


Place the 2x2 time widget in the same spot on each page. Then, place the 3x3 UCCW weather widget on the travel page in the red square. You can also edit the UZIP to include a hotspot for whatever weather app you want to use.

Desktop Visualizer:

Place a 3x4 widget on each of the big red rectangles (excluding the travel page) and assign the blank png as the icon and the following actions:
  • Media – Gallery
  • Welcome – App Drawer
  • Social – Instagram

I think that’s it. If you hit any snags, just drop a comment below and I’ll help out as best I can. 

Saturday, July 27, 2013


for a full size preview click here

Quick update: I forgot to mention that the under Nova Settings, the icon size is 130%

This theme is similar in function to my GreenScreen theme. It relies on Desktop Visualizer to switch between multiple wallpapers set up to hold different things. Let’s get started


Nova Launcher:

  • grid size is 10x6
  • 4 pages
Similar to Greenscreen, This one requires a lot of Nova actions. Place the “jump to page” and app drawer actions and change the Icons.

MultiPicture Live Wallpaper:

set screens to the wallpapers included in the zip folder.


The UZIPs are included in the ZIP folder. All you have to do is drop them in.
  • Time - 1x2 (every page)
  • Date – 1x3 (every page)
  • Weather – 3x1

Simple Calendar:

The simple Calendar Widget looks like this from the get go, so all you have to do is drop and resize.


Place 4x3 widget and resize it to 5x4

Simple RSS:

My settings for this widget are as follows:
·        Hide everything but News Title and News Text
·        News Text color is white
·        News Title color is #34df85

Friday, July 19, 2013

Day and Night: Say Goodbye to Squinting

for a full size preview click here

This tutorial is going to be fairly brief. There's just a few elements at work here and they are pretty straight-forward.This theme came out of necessity. I made the day version for something I could see in the bright sunlight and then the first night I hand it I blinded myself while laying in bed, so I made an identical screen that was easy on the eyes after they have adjusted to the dark.


Nova Launcher
MultiPicture Live Wallpaper
SiMi Folder
ZIP folder

Nova Launcher:

  • grid size is 8x3
  • 2 pages
  • go ahead and place your "Jump to page 1 and 2" Nova Action and change to pictures included in ZIP folder

MultiPicture Live Wallpaper:

set first and second screens to the included wallpapers.


The UZIPs are included in the ZIP folder. All you have to do is drop them in.
  • Time - 3x3
  • Notifications - 3x1 (don't forget to put your own gmail account in)
  • Weather - 3x2 (again, I don't know if the weather icons are packaged with the UZIP but if they aren't, they're found here)

SiMi folder:

I've covered this App in a previous post but I'll go over it again.

First thing is first, you have to set up your App Folders. Since you can't change the widgets outside of the app, you have to create two of each folder with different icons and launcher styles. Once you open the app, it should be simple enough to understand. Pretty much all of the settings are up to you except for a couple of things under "Widget Settings".
  • Under Icon, select the correct Folder label from the resources folder
  • Under Widget Layout, select the left column 4th down (no label, no background, not distorted)
You don't have to but I changed the way it looks when it's open to make it match the theme. Under Launcher settings, change the style to custom and change the colors of the background, frame, and arrow
Red color: 
  • Red 241
  • Green 36
  • Blue 36
  • Alpha 255
Gray color:
  • Red 65
  • Green 65
  • Blue 65
  • Alpha 255
Now you can place your 1x1 SiMi Folder widgets. If you don't want to use the folders I did, I've included a bunch of options as well as a PSD to make your own. If you need to make your own, you'll need the Klinic Slab font from The Lost Type Co-Op.

If you're thinking that it'd be less of a hassle to just create folders by dropping icons onto each other, you'd be correct but this theme's grid creates short fat boxes. Nova Launcher wants you to use a square icon which doesn't fill up the space very well. If you don't mind tiny folder labels, you can certainly try this option.

That's about it. It's a very simple but functional theme.