Saturday, July 27, 2013


for a full size preview click here

Quick update: I forgot to mention that the under Nova Settings, the icon size is 130%

This theme is similar in function to my GreenScreen theme. It relies on Desktop Visualizer to switch between multiple wallpapers set up to hold different things. Let’s get started


Nova Launcher:

  • grid size is 10x6
  • 4 pages
Similar to Greenscreen, This one requires a lot of Nova actions. Place the “jump to page” and app drawer actions and change the Icons.

MultiPicture Live Wallpaper:

set screens to the wallpapers included in the zip folder.


The UZIPs are included in the ZIP folder. All you have to do is drop them in.
  • Time - 1x2 (every page)
  • Date – 1x3 (every page)
  • Weather – 3x1

Simple Calendar:

The simple Calendar Widget looks like this from the get go, so all you have to do is drop and resize.


Place 4x3 widget and resize it to 5x4

Simple RSS:

My settings for this widget are as follows:
·        Hide everything but News Title and News Text
·        News Text color is white
·        News Title color is #34df85


  1. What's the font used on the wallpapers? Also for anyone having trouble with getting multipicture wallpaper working make sure you have wallpaper scrolling on

    1. The font is Roboto Thin also, you can find the download easily through Google. And I know that problem with MPLW; annoyed me to no end when I first started using it.