Monday, July 15, 2013

Just My Type: Vintage Cards for UCCW

you definitely need to check this on up close... click here

Okay, so this is a theme That I've wanted to do for a while now. Since Google Now came out, I've seen a lot of card themes and most have been more of the same: flat white cards with grey Roboto text. This is a vintage take on that idea. I've also wanted to do something that shows off all of the great typefaces from the Lost Type Co-Op. All of these fonts are pay what you want and 100% of the money you spend goes directly to the designer so throw them a couple of bucks if you can.

With this theme I also tried to do something new by using Lightning Launcher. I originally wanted one long vertically scrolling home screen but when I started playing around with Lightning I found myself getting frustrated. Among other things, my icon pack isn't compatible with Lightning so I decided to scrap the idea and just use Nova again. My next big project is a major update of my icon packs supporting this launcher and others as well as a major rewrite of the code. So, until that gets done, I'm going to put Lightning launcher themes on the back burner. I do think there is a lot of potential with the software so I definitely do want to revisit it and try again.

Before you get started, I'm not 100% sure if UZIPs package weather icons, so you may need to see this post for the weather icons download. Even if it does, the download has 4 variations you might be interested in.


Nova Launcher
Simple RSS Widget
Clear Widget UberMusic Skin
Power Toggles
Shapely White Icons
Resources ZIP file 

Fonts Used:

Time: Dude (Tammy)
Day: Mission Script
Texts and calls: Lavandaria
Numbers: Abraham Lincoln
Weather Text: Deming EP
Weather Numbers: Abraham Lincoln
Social: Governor
Gmail: Cubano
Google: Ranger
Browser: Tommaso
Photo: Klinic Slab (Bold Italic)
Music: Deming EP
Now Playing: Oil Can
News: Pigeon
Tools: Valencia (Black Oblique)

Color Palette Hexcodes:

Red: #8c2318
Yellow: #f2c45a
Yellowish Green: #bfb35a
Blueish Green: #5ec6a
Greenish Green: #88a65e
Whiteish: #dadada
Blackish: #


If you want to make your own cards, I've included a PSD with blank cards. It contains one of each shape in every color. make the card you need, add the texture to the top, trim off the textures edges and save it as a PNG.

Nova Launcher:

Set the following:
  • Wallpaper to something Dark (I just zoomed into this black, speckled area of a wallpaper I already had)
  • Desktop Grid: 9x16
  • Icons: Shapely White
  • Icon Size: 85%
  • Screens: However many you need, 2 cards fit on a page.


The cards serve a few purposes:
  1. Display information (Time, Phone, and Weather Cards)
  2. Open apps (Browser and Gmail cards)
  3. Hold widgets (News, Tools, and Now Playing cards)
  4. Hold icons (Social, Google, Music, Photo, and Tools cards)
Once you've placed and resized your widgets, layer other widgets and icons on top and you're done!

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