Friday, July 19, 2013

Day and Night: Say Goodbye to Squinting

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This tutorial is going to be fairly brief. There's just a few elements at work here and they are pretty straight-forward.This theme came out of necessity. I made the day version for something I could see in the bright sunlight and then the first night I hand it I blinded myself while laying in bed, so I made an identical screen that was easy on the eyes after they have adjusted to the dark.


Nova Launcher
MultiPicture Live Wallpaper
SiMi Folder
ZIP folder

Nova Launcher:

  • grid size is 8x3
  • 2 pages
  • go ahead and place your "Jump to page 1 and 2" Nova Action and change to pictures included in ZIP folder

MultiPicture Live Wallpaper:

set first and second screens to the included wallpapers.


The UZIPs are included in the ZIP folder. All you have to do is drop them in.
  • Time - 3x3
  • Notifications - 3x1 (don't forget to put your own gmail account in)
  • Weather - 3x2 (again, I don't know if the weather icons are packaged with the UZIP but if they aren't, they're found here)

SiMi folder:

I've covered this App in a previous post but I'll go over it again.

First thing is first, you have to set up your App Folders. Since you can't change the widgets outside of the app, you have to create two of each folder with different icons and launcher styles. Once you open the app, it should be simple enough to understand. Pretty much all of the settings are up to you except for a couple of things under "Widget Settings".
  • Under Icon, select the correct Folder label from the resources folder
  • Under Widget Layout, select the left column 4th down (no label, no background, not distorted)
You don't have to but I changed the way it looks when it's open to make it match the theme. Under Launcher settings, change the style to custom and change the colors of the background, frame, and arrow
Red color: 
  • Red 241
  • Green 36
  • Blue 36
  • Alpha 255
Gray color:
  • Red 65
  • Green 65
  • Blue 65
  • Alpha 255
Now you can place your 1x1 SiMi Folder widgets. If you don't want to use the folders I did, I've included a bunch of options as well as a PSD to make your own. If you need to make your own, you'll need the Klinic Slab font from The Lost Type Co-Op.

If you're thinking that it'd be less of a hassle to just create folders by dropping icons onto each other, you'd be correct but this theme's grid creates short fat boxes. Nova Launcher wants you to use a square icon which doesn't fill up the space very well. If you don't mind tiny folder labels, you can certainly try this option.

That's about it. It's a very simple but functional theme.

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  1. como creo las 2 paginas para los fondo de pantalla independiente ?