Friday, July 5, 2013

Tucked Away: Clean, Simple, Organized

for a full size preview click here

This is a simple theme that mainly consists of 4 organizational wallpapers, the colors are based on the note colors of Google Keep.


Now let's put it together...

Multipicture Live Wallpaper:

As in past themes, we’re going to set up our MultiPicture Live Wallpaper to display a different image for each homescreen. The PNGs included in the Resource folder are the ones I used. I’ve also include the PSDs if you want to make changes to the section headings for what you use most.

After you’ve set your walls you can change your transitions that you prefer. The crossfade transition looks nice going between the homescreens, unfortunately Nova Launcher doesn’t have this option so I usually set them both to something that matches.

Nova Launcher:

As far as your launcher goes, the wallpapers allow for you to choose what grid size you need for your icons and widgets. The grid size I’m using is 5x8. If you want something like two widgets side by side the same width, you can use an even number of columns. I would still recommend using 8 rows though.

As always no margins, status bar, or dock.

Like the GreenScreen theme, we’re also going to place some page jumps. On each arrow, place the Nova Action for Jump to page x. Long press to edit the icon and change it to the included blank png.

All the Rest:

Again, this is totally up to you. The widget’s I’m using are UCCW on the home page (UZIP included), Simple RSS Widget on the news page, Clear Widget Ubermusic Skin on the media page, and Tubular icons throughout.

For widgets that allow you to adjust the text color, the hexcodes are #ffffff for light fonts and #252525 for dark ones. All of the hexcodes for the Keep note colors are also included in the ZIP file.


  1. Thanks for another great theme and a simple walkthrough

  2. Hey, what do I with the sources files? I can't figure out how to download them or do anything with them. This is my first time theming. Thanks.

    1. If you're on your phone you may have trouble finding the download files. Switch to a computer and the download button is at the top left (file>download) unzip the folder and place the files on your phone. Place the PNGs wherever but make sure your UCCW files are on the phone's internal storage. I usually just put them in the UCCWoutput folder. Hope this helps!