Thursday, June 27, 2013

Blurred Lines: 3 Screens. Seamless Transitions

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I've been meaning to try a seamless panorama for a while now. This was the result...


MultiPicture Live Wallpaper
Nova Launcher Prime
Power Toggles
Tubular Icon Pack
Roboto Thin font by Christian Robertson
ZIP folder with resources.

Before you Start:

Before you get started with your phone, you have the ability to change the wallpaper. The picture you choose should be at least 2160x1280 with most of it in sharp focus (yields a better result when the lines are blurred).


  • Replace my watery orange with your own image.
  • Use the magic wand to select the blue lines in the topmost layer (either style of lines)
  • Select the first layer, add an 11 pixel Gaussian blur
  • Run a white brush over it at 10% opacity to make it pop.
  • Now break up the whole thing into three 720x1280 images (left, middle and right) and save each as a separate PNG

Now that you've got all of your resources, it's time to assemble it.

MultiPicture Live Wallpaper:

  • Set three wallpapers on 3 seperate screens
  • Set transitions to slide

Nova Launcher:

  • Like always, no margins, dock, or notification bar
  • Set grid to 11x5
  • Icon size is set to 130%


The UZIPs for the clock and day are in the folder, If you want to design your own widgets with different info, the font is Roboto Thin and the angle is -39 degrees. Place the 4x4 widgets. There are no hotspots because I couldn't angle them and I didn't want to have a huge chuck of the screen constantly opening my clock and calendar.

Everything Else: really up to you. I chose to use these icons because I just got done making them and I'm really pumped about them. The center screen has five common apps. The left and right screens have folders for media, social, games, and tools/settings. in the outside bars, I used Power Toggles to easily turn on my wifi and bluetooth, as well as control my music. Figure out what you need; these are just some of your options but any 1x1 widget or icon should work.

The real beauty lies within the wallpaper, the rest is pretty flexible.

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