Monday, June 24, 2013

Big Red v.2.0

for full size preview click here

I've got to find all of the original files for Big Red v.1.0 but in the meantime here is Big Red v.2.0. This theme is completely done with Nova Launcher and UCCW and with the broad categories, you may not even have to edit anything. However, if you do want to change some things up, the PNGs are included with the ZIP folder. There are no PSDs this time but to make adjustments, use to spot healer to remove the names, Roboto thin to replace them, and the arrows all fall on the grid lines so Snap to grid and use the pen tool to make selestions of the picture to remove.


Nova Launcher:

  • Set your grid to 9x16
  • Change your color theme to #cd4f42
  • Change icon theme to Shapely White
  • Change icon size to 85%
  • Set wallpaper (included in ZIP folder)


Set UZIPs from resources folder and resize
  • Folder Icons are 3x6 or 6x3. Pictures are hotspots to certain apps, menu dots don't do anything (yet).
  • Center console is 9x4 with hotspots on notifications, time and date open their respective apps.

Back to Nova Launcher:

Now, start a second screen and add all of the icons that you regularly use to this screen. Drag them on top of each other to create folders of apps relating to each of the categories that you have. Drag these folders onto the menu dots and change the folder's icon to the blank PNG to make it invisible. (Move it into position before making it transparent).

Widget Locker:

Open Widget Locker, add Center console UZIP, I don't remember what the name of the slider is but it's one that comes with Widget Locker so you shouldn't have to hunt for it.

Nothing too difficult. You should definitely be able to handle this.


  1. My Nova Prime doesn't allow me to set it at 9x16, It has 12 as the highest for both height and width.
    Galaxy Note 2. Any clue?

    1. Take a look at his PDF in the side bar. You have to enable the "Labs" menu. You do this by going to nova settings and holding the down volume button. Then go into labs and check "Big Grid Size Options". Now you should be able to go up to 16x16. Also, you can disable the "Labs" menu by press and holding the up volume.

    2. Thanks Xade! The sidebar does cover a lot of issues that commonly pop up.

  2. For an odd reason, I'm finding it extremely hard to have the widgets measure out to 3x6 and 6x3. Is there a way I can set up grid options so that it'll be easier?

    1. make sure that the grid is set to 16 rows by 9 columns and not the other way around. I get used to saying 9x16 and forget that when you put it into Nova it's 16x9. is this what you're talking about?

  3. I'm unable to drag the app folders on to the dots, or anywhere on the main screen. When I let go of the folder, it just snaps back to where it was before. What am I doing wrong?