Monday, June 24, 2013

GreenScreen: Flat and Bright

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This theme was inspired by the new UI of Dolphin Browser using the Roboto font family, Dolphin's #389d00 green, some random images I found on Tumblr and googled for high res versions, and my Shapely White icons.


Clear Widgets UberMusic Skin

Setting it up:

First and foremost, The ZIP file includes a bunch of resources. If you like the way this theme is set up then you can use the UZIPs and PNGs. I've also included PSDs in case you want to make some adjustments to the links or pictures. The pictures were found on Tumblr and googled for high-res versions. The icons are based on my Shapely White Icons, but there are plenty of other flat icon packs that you could use.

Nova Launcher:

Set your grid to 9x16 and turn the animations to Cube. I can't remember the speed but it needs to be slow so that it matches the speed of the MPLW transition. Also, set up 5 screens.

MultiPicture Live Wallpaper:

Set each of your 5 screens to use your PNGs, Change the animation to Cube Out.

Back to Nova:

This part sucks. Now we have to set up our tabs. Long tap to bring up the insert menu, choose Nova Actions, and select jump to page x. You need four for each tab, and 4 of the tabs need to be done for each page. After five pages, this amounts to 80 icons.
After they're in place, now long tap each icon, select edit, tap the icon, and change it to the blank PNG included in the ZIP file.
Again, this process sucks but it makes the tabs functional, not just for decoration. It also means your finger doesn't have to travel as far to get between the 5 screens.

Desktop Visualizer:

With Desktop Visualizer, Place and resize widgets to 7x2. Place them over the individual options.Now tap the widget to select the blank PNG to display and select the app it opens. Check out all of your options in desktop visualizer. Soundhound actually has an ID Now option that allows the link to open up the app listening for the song so you can capture that song even faster. Other apps may have similar functions with Desktop Visualizer.

Other Widgets:

Other widgets layered on top:
  • 4x2 UCCW time on each page
  • 4x2 UCCW Date on each page
  • 7x2 UCCW Notifications on first home screen
  • 4x2 Clear Widgets Ubermusic Skin resized to 7x3 on Music page

A little complicated but well worth it in the end. Enjoy!

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