Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Red Rover: Lock and Home Screen Replacements

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I know, I know, I know. It’s been two weeks since I’ve posted but with my summer classes coming to a close, I had a metric buttload of papers to grade. Just so you don’t think I’ve been holding out on you guys, this is what I’ve been using for these last couple weeks:

See, nothing special. Anyways, when tackling this week’s theme, I wanted to address something that I usually ignore—the lock screen. Now, the lock screen that I’ve been using was just the center console from BigRed v.2.0 using the green color from the Greenscreen on a solid black background, with a white Jellybean Circle lock. It looks great with the Greenscreen theme but I haven’t used it in a while so the change was overdue. This lockscreen has everything I need without having to unlock the phone. It has the information I use regularly like the time, day, weather, and notifications. It also has music controls since I recently installed a new cd player in my car with auxiliary input. That’s enough backstory, let’s get down to business.


Widget Locker:

Okay, the widgets on the lock screen are pretty straight forward.
Change the settings to:
  • Check alternative wallpaper and select wallpaper included in resources folder
  • Background tint: none
  • Layout: 9 Rows, 6 Columns
  • Hide Notification Bar

After that, just place your widgets:
  • 2x2 UCCW time in the top corner
  • 6x3 UCCW notifications below slider
  • For Power Toggles place the 6x1 widget and click on it to adjust what you want included, I only used the music buttons but Power Toggles does so much more. Change the button color to #e11f1f and the background and dividers to transparent.
  • You’ll find the slider in the resources folder, place it in phone>data>com.teslacoilsw.widgetlocker>themes. You may need to wait a minute or restart your phone for it to register. Place the 1x6 slider dead center.

Nova Launcher:

  • The grid is 9 rows x 6 columns, just like widget locker
  • The width margin is none like always but the height margin is medium
  •  Color Theme is #e11f1f
  • Icon size is 100%
  • Set the transition to Wipe. This makes it look like only the bottom is changing.


The icons you see are Shapely Black, however In the drawer they don’t show up so set your Icon theme to something else and set the desktop icons manually.

MultiPicture Live Wallpaper:

Just like other themes I’ve posted, set the screens individually and set the transition to wipe.


Place the 2x2 time widget in the same spot on each page. Then, place the 3x3 UCCW weather widget on the travel page in the red square. You can also edit the UZIP to include a hotspot for whatever weather app you want to use.

Desktop Visualizer:

Place a 3x4 widget on each of the big red rectangles (excluding the travel page) and assign the blank png as the icon and the following actions:
  • Media – Gallery
  • Welcome – App Drawer
  • Social – Instagram

I think that’s it. If you hit any snags, just drop a comment below and I’ll help out as best I can. 

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